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100 m² - Evergreen Protection Plan

100 m² - Evergreen Protection Plan

Secure 100 m² of the Ucayali Rainforest in Peru for just €3 a month.

This plan ensures continuous protection of this vibrant ecosystem, safeguarding five huge jungle trees and their 0.9 tCO2 storage.

Imagine these 100 square meters as a sanctuary for endangered species: a precious haven where rare and threatened animals find refuge and thrive. Within this small but significant plot, jaguars stealthily roam, sloths lazily hang from branches, and vibrant toucans fill the air with their calls. Each plant and tree provides essential shelter and food, creating a thriving micro-ecosystem.

It costs you less than 1 cup of coffee at Starbucks or your local bakery to make a significant impact on the environment. Your support ensures that these magnificent creatures have a safe place to live, contributing to the preservation of biodiversity and the balance of our planet's ecosystems. 

Set up your personal nature reserve now and let's protect rainforest together!

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What happens after your purchase?

Receive your rainforest

After purchasing, you will receive an email that confirms your order and contains a link leading directly to your piece of the rainforest in our Explorer app.

Keep an eye on your forest

The Explorer app allows you to see your exact piece of forest. You can track its well-being and the positive environmental impact you are making.
This is a recurring payment plan. You will automatically billed monthly and thereby ensure an lasting impact on your personal rainforest nature reserve.

Ensure conservation success

We want to see your forest flourish just as much as you! That's why we guarantee a successful conservation. If you are unhappy, you can easily return it within 30 days. You can also cancel or pause or subscription plan anytime you like.

Choose your personal nature reserve


Can I cancel my subscription anytime?

Of course! Your impact. Your decision. You can cancel your subscription any time you like.

Just go to and login in with your email address. Then it's just one click.

Why a subscription plan?

At Fund The Planet, we rely on a subscription payment plan to make sustainability as a service as effective and accessible as possible. Here are the reasons why we chose this model:

Ongoing protection: a subscription payment plan ensures that the rainforest is protected in perpetuity. Regular contributions allow us to continuously invest in the conservation and protection of the rainforest areas we have purchased.

Long-term planning: Sustainability requires long-term thinking and action. With a subscription model, we can plan and implement long-term projects that go beyond short-term actions.

Transparency and traceability: Our subscription model is designed in such a way that all our activities are completely transparent and traceable. Our subscribers can view their contribution at any time and understand how their money is being used to protect the rainforest.

Efficiency and impact: Regular contributions allow us to use resources more efficiently and scale our work to maximize our positive impact on the planet. This allows us to acquire and protect rainforest areas faster and more effectively.

Participation and responsibility: With a subscription payment plan, we give everyone the opportunity to make a direct and continuous contribution to the protection of nature. Every subscriber takes responsibility and becomes part of a global community that is actively committed to preserving important ecosystems.

Flexibility and access: Our subscription model offers flexibility by allowing people and companies of all sizes to get involved according to their means. This means that everyone can contribute, regardless of available financial resources.

At Fund The Planet, we believe that a subscription payment plan is one of the most effective solutions to ensure sustainable and transparent rainforest conservation. With your support, together we can achieve great things for our planet and preserve important ecosystems for future generations.

What happens if I cancel my subscription?

Upon cancellation, your regular payment stops, your personal rainforest area will be open to be protected by another subscriber.

With contributions of all subscribers we are able to save more and more land step by step.

How can I be sure my contribution actually protects the rainforest?

We offer full transparency: every subscriber can view their protected section of the rainforest in the digital rainforest explorer and receive regular updates and reports on protection measures.

Can I choose the size of the rainforest section I want to protect?

Yes, our subscription model is flexible. You can choose between different products for your contribution and thus determine the size of the protected rainforest section.

How does protecting rainforest support the fight against climate change?

By protecting the rainforest, we preserve vital CO₂ sinks that significantly reduce greenhouse gases and maintain biodiversity crucial for a stable climate.

Who is the (legal) owner of the forest?

We, FUND THE PLANET with the company Green Token GmbH, became the sole legal owner of the rainforest through the purchase. Here are the ownership documents.

We need your support to save more rainforest by buying the land from private organizations. This is the most effective way to protect the ecosystem while supporting the local communities.

Can I also rescue forests with you that are elsewhere in the world?

This is not possible at the moment. We chose the Amazon because virgin forest there is acutely endangered and saving it is very cost-effective. Thus, one can make an insanely large contribution to nature and the climate very efficiently. In contrast, there is hardly any primeval forest left in for example Germany, and fortunately most of it is already in safe nature reserves.

How is Fund The Planet different from other environmental organizations?

We combine direct action with complete transparency and traceability. Our focus is on effectively protecting rainforests by purchasing and permanently preserving forest areas.